Indoor Arena

Our Indoor Arena was built in 2009 and measures around 61 x 23 metres. It boasts a Martin Collins surface.The arena is well lit and is operated by coin meter at approximately £1 per hour.

Outdoor Arena

The Outdoor Arena was our first built arena and the surface is a combination of sand and rubber. This arena is often used as the warm up on competition days and measures 45 x 30 metres.

Cross Country

The Cross country course is built across two dedicated fields providing a very modest course. We are always improving the course, and our latest addition is a large water complex.

Stable Blocks

Our stable block houses modern indoor stables. We also have a number of traditional half door external stables around the yard.

Wash Bay

The wash bay is located inside the main stable block and is available for public use. The bay is rubber lined and the water is heated. The shower is coin operated at a rate of £1 for 30 minutes.